Star Manufacturing Convenience Store and Restaurant Equipment

United Fast Food & Beverage is a proud distributor of Star grills, hot dog rollers, and other equipment.

Star Manufacturing Hot Dog Rollers: Frankly, the Best on the Market

At United Fast Food & Beverage, we proudly offer Star Manufacturing’s hot dog rollers and grills, setting a new standard for excellence in the food service industry. Our Star hot dog rollers are not just appliances but game-changers for your business. Here’s why our Star grills stand out:

  • Efficiency Redefined: Star grills, with built-in bun drawers in analog and electronic controls, reduce wait times for fresh, fast hot dogs.
  • Waste Reduction, Profit Increase: Uniform cooking minimizes waste; precise temperature control ensures perfect hot dogs, saving ingredients and boosting profits.
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Perfectly cooked and delicious hot dogs create memorable experiences, ensuring customer satisfaction and encouraging repeat business.

Star Grill-Max Roller Grills With Built-In Bun Drawer Analog and Electronic Controls

Discover culinary excellence with our Star Grill-Max Roller Grills. Equipped with built-in bun drawers and available in both analog & electronic controls, these grills redefine efficiency. UFFB, your trusted Midwest provider, ensures consistent quality. The precise temperature management and convenient bun drawers guarantee perfectly cooked hot dogs and warm buns, enhancing your customer’s experience.

Star Grill-Max Standard Roller Grills Analog and Electronic Controls

Elevate your offerings with our Star Grill-Max Standard Roller Grills, available with analog and electronic controls. UFFB brings you top-quality solutions for your business. The analog-controlled standard roller grills offer simplicity and speed, perfect for bustling environments. Meanwhile, the electronically controlled Star grills provide advanced features, ensuring precision and consistency. Choose Star for superior performance and customer satisfaction.

Shine Bright With Star Restaurant Equipment

UFFB is your trusted gateway to top-notch Star Manufacturing restaurant equipment. Elevate your establishment’s efficiency and taste with our carefully curated selection:

  • Commercial Conveyor Toasters: UFFB is your source for a variety of sizes and toaster types, ensuring the perfect toasting for every slice of bread, bagel, or biscuit your customers crave.
  • Pro-Max 7″ Two-Sided Panini Grills: Dive into the world of flavorful paninis with our diverse range of Star two-sided grills, each a testament to Star’s innovation and your culinary creativity.
  • Ultra-Max Heavy-Duty Gas Griddles: Experience power and precision with Star’s Heavy-Duty Gas Griddles, available in sizes from 15″ to 72″ inches wide, catering to high-volume restaurant cooking demands and convenience store walk-ins.

Turn to UFFB for All Your Star Manufacturing Part Sales and Maintenance Services

At United Fast Food & Beverage, we prioritize your operational continuity. We maintain a vast inventory of Star Manufacturing parts, ensuring swift solutions for repairs and replacements, eliminating downtime and customer dissatisfaction.

Additionally, our services extend beyond sales, encompassing comprehensive installation, preventative maintenance, and reactive support. Whether you purchased your Star equipment from us or not, count on UFFB for seamless operations and reliable, expert maintenance services.

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