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Meet the men and women of United Fast Food & Beverage that are responsible for delivering the highest quality food and beverage equipment and services in the industry.

Get to Know UFFB’s Leadership

Albert Kollar … Al


My Niche: As president, I oversee operations and responsible for business direction; customer development; employee recruitment, retention, development; and maintaining company’s over-all well-being.

My Favorite Part of Working at United: Watching year to year growth within the company and but mostly, within our employees.

Education: I started my first company at 14 years old, Graduated from, Lane Tech High School, Wright Jr. College, and Coyne American Trade School. I worked my way through High School, College and Trade School until I started at 7-Eleven in 1982 followed by UFFB in 1992.

Professional Accomplishments: After 10 years with 7-Eleven’s in-house service team, I started UFFB with two other members of the service team. Now with 30+ years, UFFB has grown in size, scope, and ability covering 6 states with 40 employees. We still service the original 7-Eleven stores we started with 30+ years ago.

Favorite quotes: “Hard work never killed anybody, but why take a chance?” — Edgar Bergen
“The problem with doing nothing is that you never know when you’re finished.” – Groucho Marx;

Favorite Song: Lone Me a Dime – Boz Scaggs.

Where Would You Be If Not at Work: Fishing, without a doubt.

Kathleen A. Kollar … Kate

Vice President

My Niche: Human Resources, Recruiting, Training & Development

My Favorite Part of Working at UFFB:
Hiring new employees and watching their professional growth and development.

Professional Accomplishments: Hiring over 140 new hires in the past 18 years!

Education: M.S. Roosevelt University, Hospitality Management Executive Certificate Roosevelt University, B.S. Illinois State University, Yoga Alliance 500 hr. certification

Favorite Quote: “Replace I can’t with not yetl” Guila Huertes, PS Yoga Instructor

Favorite Song: Bill Withers “Lovely Day”

If Not at Work Where Would You Be: In a hammock reading a great book!

Matthew J. Kollar …. Matt

Senior Service Manager

My Niche: Finding a balance between data and intuition to improve group performance

My Favorite Part of Working at United: Every day is a challenge that I enjoy facing with wonderful people and a positive attitude.

Professional Accomplishments: Building a team of techs that are performing at a very high level.

Education: MBA in Finance, MBA in Supply Chain Management, master’s in science in Supply Chain Management, Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics, Certified Six Sigma

Favorite Quote: “When you do a half assed job you do twice as much work” … My Father, Mark Kollar

Favorite Song: Church, Lyle Lovett

Where Would You Be If Not At Work:
Wetting a line or cooking

Michele O’Malley ….. One L Michele

National Sales Director

My Niche: Developing relationships and collaborating with clients on their short- and
long-term goals. Together driving results!

My Favorite Part of Working at United: The people and the fast pace.

Professional Accomplishments: Growing sales year over year

Education: Loyola University

Favorite Quote: I am who I am today because of the choices I made yesterday. – Eleanor Roosevelt

Favorite Song: Depends on the day! Currently Inside Out by Spoon

Where Would You Be If Not at Work: At the beach.

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