Refrigerated Display Cases and Open-Air Merchandisers

United Fast Food & Beverage has been the Midwest’s premier source for refrigerated food and beverage display case equipment and services for over three decades.

Keep Food and Drinks Cold and Safe With Temperature Controlled Merchandisers and Beverage Display Cases

Efficient refrigerated display cases and open-air merchandisers are critical for convenience store success. They safeguard quality, create allure, and, most importantly, promote customer satisfaction. Ensuring your offerings stay fresh and chilled, these essential equipment pieces are the unsung heroes of successful convenience operations. Without them, you risk presenting your customers with stale food, lukewarm drinks, and potential health risks.

United Fast Food & Beverage understands these concerns firsthand. Our selection of top-tier reach-in coolers and open-air merchandisers from industry giants like Howard McCray and SandenVendo put these worries on ice. With over 30 years of experience, we’ve become the premier provider for businesses throughout the Midwest. Trust UFFB to keep your food and drinks cold, safe, and irresistibly enticing so you can drive profits and customer loyalty.

  • Refrigerated Display Cases

    Showcase your perishable products ranging from sandwiches and ice cream to bottled sodas and energy drinks, with our selection of refrigerated display cases. These temperature-controlled units maintain freshness and attract customers with visually appealing presentations that ensure optimal taste and quality.

  • Open Air Coolers

    Open-air coolers are vital for convenience stores to showcase chilled items, including bottled beverages and grab-and-go snacks such as yogurts, baked goods, sandwiches, and pre-packaged salads. These accessible displays entice customers, promote impulse selections, and increase sales.

Don’t Lose Your Cool: Comprehensive Install, Repair, and Maintenance Services

As your one-stop partner, UFFB excels beyond sales. Our services ensure optimal performance for your refrigerated equipment, from installation to routine care. And because we maintain a vast inventory of replacement parts, we’re able to provide swift repairs, ensuring your convenience store’s bakery cases, open-air coolers, and refrigerated display cases never face prolonged downtime.


We orchestrate seamless setups, leaving no aspect untouched. From dairy to deli, we tailor installations for refrigerated display cases and open-air merchandisers. Ramer, our sister company, supplies CAD drawings to aid new store builds and remodels, ensuring design precision and perfection.

Reactive Services

Day or night, our 24/7 reactive services cater to emergencies, offering routine break/fix solutions, and comprehensive repairs. Our all-inclusive packages guarantee fast and efficient solutions, minimizing disruptions and maintaining the freshness your business relies on.

Preventative Maintenance

We craft fully customizable preventative maintenance packages that fit your needs and budget. Our proactive approach saves you time and money. Regular care prevents costly breakdowns and prolongs the lifespans of refrigerated display cases and open-air merchandisers.

Beyond Refrigerated Display Cases: Turn Up the Heat With Our Selection of Hot Food Storage Equipment

Expand your offerings with UFFB’s range of hot food display cases. From pizza and wings to taquitos and tacos, our configurations include self-serve and clerk-serve displays. By safely presenting fresh, hot delights to your customers, you add sizzle to your convenience store’s selection and cook up higher profit margins for your bottom line.

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