SandenVendo Temperature Controlled Food Displays

United Fast Food & Beverage proudly partners with SandenVendo to offer the highest quality food display equipment on the market.

Frozen Beverage Dispenser: Viper Elite Classic

Experience unparalleled efficiency and reliability with a Viper™ FCB dispenser. During peak demand, Viper™ Elite Classic excels with an impressive surge capacity, dispensing 10 consecutive 16oz. drinks per barrel and maintaining a continuous draw capacity of 75 to 82 fl. oz per minute between barrels. What sets Elite Classic apart is its industry-leading recovery time; boasting a mere 3-minute defrost recovery, it ensures minimal downtime, keeping your business up and running faster than ever.

But that’s not all—Viper™ beverage fountains come equipped with patented Intelligent Defrost™ technology. This innovative feature monitors sales throughput and automatically skips a defrost cycle when unnecessary, guaranteeing uninterrupted operation during peak demand while reducing wear on the compressor. Worried about delays? Viper™ also offers Lockout Defrost Times, ensuring customers never wait unnecessarily. Additionally, our commitment to quality shines through with rigorous manufacturing checks and a dedicated team of engineers, ensuring every piece of equipment is of the highest standard. For added convenience, access manuals, and service videos instantly through QR codes, and with technician-designed parts, maintenance and service times are minimized, allowing you to focus on what matters—delivering exceptional service to your customers.

Versatile Solutions for Every Food Display Need

SandenVendo warmers and displays are available in various sizes and configurations, including mini and high capacity. Whether you need an open-air display or a closed warmer, their products are designed to meet the unique demands of your business.

Explore some of the most popular SandenVendo food warmers and displays UFFB offers:

  • Combo Hot Food Display Case (HFDC): The perfect blend of functionality and style, the HFDC keeps hot food items fresh and appealing, creating an enticing display for customers.
  • Mini HFDM: Ideal for limited space, the Mini HFDM offers a compact solution without compromising performance, making it a versatile choice for any convenience store.
  • HFO Topper (HFOT): Elevate your offerings with the HFOT, a top-of-the-line food warmer that enhances the presentation of your products while keeping them at the perfect temperature.
  • Open Display (HFO): For a flexible and accessible display option, the HFO provides a user-friendly design, allowing customers to access and select their favorite items easily.

SandenVendo Refrigerated Display Cases

SandenVendo’s refrigerated display cases and open-air merchandisers offer a spectrum of sizes to suit the spatial requirements of your establishment. Whether you need a compact solution for prepared sandwiches or a spacious showcase to show off your drink selection, UFFB has a solution to fit your needs perfectly. Additionally, choose between open-air or closed designs to enhance the visibility and accessibility of your products.

  • Refrigerated Showcase (RSC): The RSC is a state-of-the-art display case designed to keep your products chilled while providing an elegant presentation. Its advanced cooling technology ensures optimal freshness.
  • Stainless RSC: Elevate your display with the Stainless RSC, marrying functionality with a sleek stainless steel design. This premium showcase preserves the freshness of your items and adds a touch of sophistication to your store.
  • Open Air Island Merchandiser (NIC): The NIC is a versatile open-air display that encourages customer interaction. Perfect for showcasing various products, it invites customers to explore and quickly make selections.

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