Coffee Dispenser Machines

For 30+ years, United Fast Food & Beverage has given Midwest businesses a revenue-boosting jolt with the finest quality coffee brewing equipment and services.

Grind Out a Competitive Advantage With Superior Coffee Brewing Equipment

Want to know the secret ingredient to standing out in a crowded market? It’s not just the taste—it’s the way you brew it. Coffee is an art, and high-quality coffee brewing equipment can be your point of distinction. Equipping your business with high-quality coffee dispenser machines from brands like Cornelius, Wilbur Curtis, Schaerer, and Bunn can boost revenue, increase profits, and give customers a memorable cup of coffee that keeps them returning for more.

Since 1992, United Fast Food & Beverage has helped businesses throughout the Midwest craft the perfect brew by being the go-to source for commercial coffee machines. As a distributor and direct sales partner of the industry’s most reliable brands, we have a large selection of equipment that enables you to offer freshly ground bean-to-cup, drip, iced coffee, cappuccino, espresso, cold brew, and nitro-infused drinks to meet the varied demands of customers.

Our Selection of Coffee Dispenser Machines

From corporate coffee machines that boost your employees to convenience store coffee brewers that rival those found in coffee shops, UFFB has what you need to be the preferred stop for consumers’ daily caffeine fix.

  • Bean To Cup

    Elevate your coffee game with the freshest brews. Bean-to-cup coffee dispenser machines craft each cup on demand, delivering consistently rich flavors that customers are sure to appreciate and crave.

  • Drip System

    Simple and dependable, UFFB’s selection of drip systems offers a constant flow of flavorful java. Easy to use, they’re a must-have for any convenience store, gas station, break room, or café seeking quality and efficiency.

  • Espresso & Cappuccino

    Offer a heightened brewed coffee experience with UFFB’s cappuccino and espresso machine offerings. These pieces of coffee brewing equipment bring coffee bar-style quality to your store, delighting customers with frothy favorites.

  • Cold & Nitro Infused Coffee Dispensing

    Quench cool cravings with UFFB’s selection of chilled coffee brewing equipment. Cold and nitro-infused coffee machines serve up refreshing energy boosts that cater to modern tastes and drive profits.

Bean There, Serviced That: 30+ Years of Coffee Brewing Equipment Installation, Repair, and Maintenance Excellence

UFFB has been by our customers’ side for coffee brewing equipment for over three decades, ensuring coffee dispenser machines pour perfection. We’re not just about installation, repair, and maintenance—we’re your partner in delivering uninterrupted coffee joy. Our vast parts inventory guarantees swift solutions, minimizes downtime, and keeps customers satisfied.

  • Installation and Set Up

    We handle the nitty-gritty of getting your coffee brewing equipment installed and running smoothly. Our experts ensure every piece is in place, calibrated, and ready to brew excellence.

  • Reactive Repairs

    Mishaps can happen; when they do, UFFB is here to fix them promptly. Our reactive services get your coffee machines back on track with no prolonged disruptions, just great coffee.

  • Preventative Maintenance

    Keep your commercial coffee machines in tip-top shape with our tailored preventative maintenance plans. Scheduled check-ups and tune-ups ensure your brews stay consistent, customers stay happy, and profits keep pouring in.

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