Frozen Carbonated Beverage (FCB) Equipment

United Fast Food & Beverage sells and services a wide variety of frozen carbonated beverage (FCB) equipment throughout the Midwest.

Increase Profits and Customer Satisfaction With a Quality Commercial Frozen Drink Machine

What’s the secret to making your convenience store a go-to destination for refreshment and satisfaction? The answer lies in the captivating whirl of a frozen carbonated beverage (FCB) machine. Commercial frozen drink machines draw in customers with the promise of icy, indulgent treats that quench their thirst and boost your profits.

At United Fast Food & Beverage, we understand the power of these cold, bubbly delights. Offering frozen cocktails, slushies, and other frozen beverages boosted delightfully by the fizziness of carbon dioxide gas isn’t just about satisfying cravings; it’s a strategic move to enhance your convenience store’s appeal. For over 30 years, we’ve helped businesses increase sales and customer experiences by providing the industry’s leading CO2 frozen beverage machine brands, including Cornelius’ Viper line. With UFFB by your side, your convenience store is equipped with top-tier FCB machines, ready to transform ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences that keep customers returning for more.

How Do FCB Machines Increase Profits?

When CO2 is introduced into a beverage, it creates bubbles or carbonation. These bubbles expand and rise to the surface, creating a frothy and effervescent texture. As the CO2 bubbles expand, they naturally increase the volume of the drink. This expansion effect caused by the CO2 infusion means less beverage mixture is needed to fill a cup. As a result, frozen carbonated beverage (FCB) machines deliver a more satisfying experience and higher profit margins for your store.

Put a Freeze On FCB Machine Downtime With Our Install, Repair, and Maintenance Services

As a business owner in a competitive industry, making sure your FCB equipment delivers consistent quality and operational efficiency is essential. UFFB offers comprehensive services to ensure your commercial frozen drink machines drive sales and perform optimally.

  • Installation

    UFFB’s installation service guarantees a flawless setup for your frozen carbonated beverage machines. From seamless connections of side-by-side beverage dispensers to utility checks, we ensure readiness for your convenience, ensuring swift deployment and impeccable operation.

  • Reactive Services

    With our extensive parts inventory, we swiftly resolve issues with minimal downtime. Tailored reactive service plans, 24/7 response, and quick solutions mean uninterrupted service that safeguards your profits and customer satisfaction.

  • Preventative Maintenance

    Uphold peak performance with UFFB’s preventative maintenance services. Our customizable plans provide routine care at a frequency that makes sense for your store and budget. Prioritizing your equipment’s well-being ensures reliability and longevity, maximizing your frozen delight profits.

From Frosted to Fresh: Discover Our Full Beverage Equipment Lineup

Alongside our extensive FCB lineup, we present a diverse selection of commercial frozen drink machines that don’t rely on CO2—our uncarbonated slushie and granita machines are perfect for offering a range of refreshing and frosty options in your store.

  • Juice, Tea, and Coffee Dispensers

    UFFB offers a vast array of beverage dispensers, including juice, tea, and coffee varieties. We sell and service these equipment pieces, ensuring your convenience store serves up a delightful range of beverages.

  • Fountain Beverage Dispensers

    Elevate customer choices with our fountain beverage dispensers. UFFB provides sales and services for these systems, helping customers quench their thirst and boost profits with a refreshing selection of drinks.

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