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United Fast Food & Beverage is the Midwest’s go-to source for all cold drink dispensers, tea brewer equipment, and parts.

Squeeze Every Drop of Profit and Customer Satisfaction With a Quality Juice and Cold Drink Dispenser

If variety is the spice of life, commercial juice dispensers and tea brewers are the secret ingredient to elevating your convenience store’s beverage offerings. By expanding your selection beyond frozen beverages and carbonated fountain drinks, you better serve everyone, from picky kids to those looking for a healthier alternative.

As a Master Distributor of Cornelius and a proud distribution partner of Schaerer, United Fast Food & Beverage is your ultimate destination for countertop juice chillers, bubblers, tea brewers, and iced beverage dispenser needs. With 30+ years of experience and an extensive range of dispensers and parts, we cater to your store’s unique requirements. UFFB offers top-quality solutions that project a professional and modern image, attracting more customers and setting your business apart from competitors.

The Benefits of Commercial Juice Dispensers and Tea Brewers

When you have fresh, flavorful teas brewing and juices being poured, you experience a wide range of advantages, including:

  • Expanded Beverage Selection: UFFB’s commercial juice dispensers and tea brewers offer a wide range of fresh and flavorful options, allowing businesses to cater to diverse customer preferences and enhance their beverage selection.
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction: Providing a variety of refreshing and healthy drink choices ensures customer satisfaction, leading to repeat visits and loyal patrons.
  • Profitable Upselling: The enticing visuals and aromatic appeal of freshly brewed teas and juices encourage impulse purchases, boosting your revenue through profitable upselling.
  • Health-Conscious Appeal: Offering natural and nutritious beverage options caters to health-conscious customers, elevating your store’s reputation as a destination for wholesome choices.
  • Versatile Applications: Our commercial juice dispensers and cold drink equipment can serve a variety of beverages, including fruit juices, lemonades, and iced teas. Additionally, tea brewers accommodate different tea varieties, expanding menu possibilities.
  • Quick and Efficient Service: UFFB’s selection of cold drink dispensers allows for fast and efficient beverage preparation, reducing customer wait times and optimizing store operations.
  • Cost Effectiveness: Commercial juice dispensers and tea brewers offer cost-effective solutions for businesses seeking to expand their beverage offerings without requiring extensive capital investment, labor, or preparation.

Your Source for Comprehensive Commercial Juice Dispenser and Tea Brewer Services

At UFFB, we take pride in being your ultimate one-stop shop for all things related to cold drink dispensers. We understand the vital role these beverage equipment play in your business, and that’s why we offer a range of services to ensure they run seamlessly, keeping your customers satisfied and your profits flowing.

  • Expert Installation Services

    When setting up your commercial juice dispensers and tea brewers, our skilled technicians are well-versed in handling installations with precision. From site assessments to seamless equipment setup and utility connections, we ensure your dispensers are ready from day one.

  • Responsive Reactive Repair Services

    We know that even the best equipment can encounter unexpected issues. That’s why our expert technicians are just a call away when you need reactive repair services. Timely repairs and part replacements minimize downtime and safeguard your store’s reputation and customer experience.

  • Customizable Preventative Maintenance Plans

    Preventative maintenance is the heart of ensuring long-lasting performance for your cold drink dispensers. Our fully customizable plans are tailored to your specific equipment and budget needs. Regular inspections, calibrations, and proactive care prevent breakdowns, optimize equipment efficiency, and extend the lifespan of cold beverage and commercial juice dispensers.

Find the Cold Drink Dispenser Parts You Need

At UFFB, we understand that smooth operations are essential for your convenience store. That’s why we maintain an extensive inventory of cold drink, iced beverage, tea brewer, and commercial juice dispenser parts. These readily available parts allow us to source and install them swiftly, ensuring minimal downtime and disruptions. With our prompt and reliable service, you can rest assured that your beverage equipment will be up and running quickly, avoiding any potential impact on your valued customers and sales.

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