Beverage Dispensing Equipment

For over 30 years, United Fast Food & Beverage has been the go-to provider for convenience store beverage dispenser equipment and services.

Refresh Your Customers and Your Profits With a Quality Commercial Beverage Dispenser

Thirsty customers deserve more than just any drink—they deserve a positive experience. That’s why having reliable and top-quality beverage dispensing equipment is essential. From serving refreshing sodas to satisfying fresh juice cravings, the right dispenser can significantly boost customer satisfaction and drive profits.

United Fast Food & Beverage understands the power of exceptional beverage service. For over three decades, we’ve partnered with the industry’s most trusted convenience store beverage dispenser brands to ensure you offer the variety and quality consumers demand. We work closely with you to handpick the equipment that best suits your budget, business goals, and the cravings of your valued customers.

  • Beverage Dispenser Manufacturers We Supply

    UFFB is proud to be a Master Distributor of Cornelius beverage dispensing equipment. We also have long-standing relationships with many other ice-making and beverage dispensing equipment, including:

    • Bunn
    • Manitowoc
    • Follet
    • Ice O Matic
    • Ever Pure

Our Beverage Dispensing Equipment

Our selection of convenience store beverage dispensers is as varied as the flavors they pour. From interactive touchscreen fountain dispensers to easy-to-use frozen beverage makers, UFFB has the equipment and parts to quench your thirst for increased revenue and customer satisfaction.

  • Fountain Equipment

    Satisfy diverse cravings with UFFB’s selection of fountain beverage dispensers. Offering a wide range of drinks, these machines reduce wait times and boost sales, all while providing refreshing options for customers seeking variety and quality.

  • Juice Dispensers

    Our iced tea and juice dispensers bring your customers the flavor of freshly squeezed and brewed cold drinks. Elevate their experience with the appeal of healthy and natural options, enhancing their satisfaction and your store’s reputation for offering refreshing and nutritious beverages.

  • Slush and Granita Machines

    Deliver icy indulgence with UFFB’s range of uncarbonated slush and granita machines. Perfect for hot days, these dispensers offer a variety of flavors, attracting customers and increasing foot traffic to your store as they beat the heat with enticing frozen treats.

  • Frozen Carbonated Beverage Machines

    Add excitement to your menu with our frozen carbonated beverage machines. Customers will flock to your store for these icy delights, creating a unique selling point that boosts profits and customer loyalty while ensuring they stay refreshed in style.

  • Ice Makers & Bins

    Keep drinks chilled and ready with our efficient ice makers and bins. With quick ice production and ample storage, these devices ensure your beverages are served at optimal temperatures, elevating customer satisfaction and streamlining operations

Keep Your Dispensers Flowing and Revenue Growing: Our Comprehensive Equipment Services

Reliable beverage dispensing equipment is at the heart of your convenience store’s success. Since 1992, UFFB has ensured soda, slush, juice, and tea dispensers remain in top-notch condition. Our expert installation, repair, and preventative maintenance services guarantee seamless operations that keep your customers refreshed and your profits growing one drink at a time.

Find the Parts You Need

UFFB keeps a large inventory of parts for all the equipment we supply and service, minimizing wait times and service disruptions.

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