Schaerer Coffee Machines

United Fast Food & Beverage proudly partners with Schaerer to offer you the highest quality coffee and espresso makers on the market.

Bean-to-Cup Made Simple With Schaerer Coffee Machines

As the Midwest’s premier vendor of Schaerer’s Coffee Art C coffee maker, we bring you an experience that redefines your customers’ bean-to-cup coffee experience. Picture this: Fresh hot and iced coffee, precisely as your drinkers desire, is available at the press of a button. Schaerer’s Coffee Art C ensures every brew cycle is a masterpiece, grinding whole beans for unmatched freshness, aroma, and taste. Plus, you can offer real iced coffee without compromise—no melting ice, no dilution, just pure, refreshing goodness that makes you the preferred stop for those who enjoy a cool caffeine kick any time of the day.

But great flavor isn’t the only reason to add Schaerer’s coffee machines to your operations:

  • Speed meets precision. With a capacity of up to 80 16 oz. beverages per hour, the Coffee Art C outperforms traditional drip brewers without the hassle of recovery time, delivering a 64 oz. carafe swiftly and efficiently.
  • Say goodbye to waste and labor. This Schaerer coffee machine eliminates the need to hold excess coffee, saving resources and reducing your ecological footprint. Contribute to energy conservation; unlike drip coffee makers, our machine doesn’t require heating and maintaining large water reserves.
  • Navigating the intricate world of coffee brewing has never been this effortless. The Coffee Art C boasts a simple and intuitive user interface, perfect for self-serve and staff-operated environments. It supports multiple bean types, ensuring every cup is tailored to perfection.
  • Maintenance is a breeze with easy-to-follow animated cleaning instructions. Plus, the machine’s aesthetic design adds a touch of sophistication, enhancing the ambiance of your space.
  • 208V, 20 Amperes
  • NEMA L6-20R Receptacle
  • 17” (W) x 22” (D) x 28” (H)

Schaerer Espresso Machine: Coffee Art Plus

Step into a world where aesthetic appeal meets innovation and where every cup tells a story of meticulous craftsmanship. At UFFB, we proudly offer the Schaerer espresso machine, Coffee Art Plus, a masterpiece in the art of coffee creation.

Sophisticated Look, Impeccable Performance

Designed for high visibility concepts, the Coffee Art Plus marries form and function seamlessly. With a capacity that defies expectations, this marvel steams 32 oz. of milk in just one minute, ensuring swift yet gentle perfection in every cup. Experience the symphony of flavors with up to 80 programmable selections (model-dependent), where grind, tamp, and brew settings are tailored to your exacting standards.

But it’s not just about quantity; it’s about the art of texture and temperature. The dual bean hoppers, each paired with dedicated grinders, offer a variety of choices. Programmable temperature and texture settings for cappuccinos and lattes guarantee a consistent, velvety finish, turning every sip into a luxurious indulgence that brings your customers back for more.

Unrivaled User-Friendliness and Durability

Operating the Coffee Art Plus is as delightful as savoring the final brew. Its push-button simplicity empowers even novices to craft exquisite cappuccinos and lattes with ease. This Schaerer espresso machine isn’t just about the present; it’s designed for the future. Reminders for maintenance activities, such as cleaning and water softener changes, can be programmed, enhancing operational longevity while reducing maintenance costs.

Safety meets innovation with the revolutionary PEEK steam wand material. It guarantees consistent milk texture and temperature and dramatically lowers the wand’s surface temperature, ensuring effortless cleaning even after intense steaming sessions. Touch it right after steaming—it’s safe, convenient, and efficient.

  • 208V, 30 Amperes
  • NEMA L6-30R Receptacle
  • 17” (W) x 22” (D) x 28” (H)
  • 6kW Steam Boiler
  • 3kW Water Boiler

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