Slushie Maker (FUB) Equipment

UFFB offers commercial slushie machines that deliver a refreshing cold beverage to your customers.

Offer Your Customers Some Added Flavor With a Commercial Slushie Machine

Sometimes your customers want something a little different than the traditional fountain drink, juice, or coffee. When this occurs, you need the equipment available to provide an innovative drink that quenches their thirst and satisfies their pallet. Slushie and granite machines mix water, sugar, and flavor to create a frozen, uncarbonated beverage with an endless flavor selection, including cherry, orange, and iced coffee.

Since 1992, United Fast Food and Beverage has been the Midwest’s leading provider of slush machine supplies. We leverage our relationships with reputable partners to deliver a slush maker (FUB) that’s reliable and strengthens your profitability. Whether it’s a child looking for something cold on a hot day or an older customer looking to enhance their adult beverage, we ensure you have a frozen drink machine that meets your needs.

Features of Our Granita Machines

Investing in a commercial slushie machine is a major decision for your business, and taking time to find the right equipment reduces long-term headaches, including equipment breakdowns and poor performance. Sourcing your granite machine from UFFB means you’re receiving a frozen beverage maker that offers the following advantages:

  • Reduced cost of ownership: The commercial slushie machines we provide feature an enhanced auger drive system and seal design that enhances longevity and reduces the overall cost of ownership.
  • Increased efficiency: Purchasing from UFFB means buying a product that utilizes LED lighting and an efficient refrigeration method to reduce energy waste.
  • User Friendly: With slide-in hopper graphics and easy dispensing, these self-serve granita machines make creating a frozen treat a breeze.

Keep Your Equipment Cool With Our Slushie Maker (FUB) Services

When a customer visits your store wanting a slush drink, nothing else will satisfy them. Making sure your equipment is working properly and dispensing a tasty frozen beverage keeps your patrons coming back. With UFFB, you receive comprehensive services that keep your machine operating, including:

  • Installation

    We offer installation services that seamlessly set up your equipment and verify its operating properly.

  • Reactive Services

    If your machines don’t work, then customers will look elsewhere for their frozen treat. Our reactive services quickly address problems to minimize downtime.

Hot or Cold: We Offer Beverage Equipment That Satisfies Your Thirsty Customers

Each person who enters your store has a unique drink preference, and maintaining a diverse inventory of options creates the best customer experience. UFFB understands the importance of a wide selection and offers an extensive selection of commercial beverage dispenser machines, including:

  • Juice and uncarbonated dispenser

    Our partnership with Cornelius allows us to offer jet-spray and bag-in-box equipment that deliver fresh juice and uncarbonated beverages.

  • Frozen carbonated beverage dispenser

    We offer Cornelius’ Viper line of products that allow you to deliver icy carbonated drinks to your loyal customers.

Let’s Discuss Your Slush and Granita Machine Needs

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