Food Warmer Display Cases

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Warm Up Your Revenue With Our Hot Case for Food Displays

Serving your hungry customers pizza, hotdogs, taquitos, and other hot food at the right temperature not only enhances their overall experience—it also keeps them safe. Poorly cooked items can cause food poisoning and other health issues that impact the overall reputation of your shop. Whether it’s self- or employee-served, using high-quality equipment on your hot food counter displays is the best approach for verifying you’re providing properly heated food to the public.

The United Fast Food & Beverage team understands the importance of serving properly cooked food to your customers; that’s why we offer countertop food warmer display equipment from leading brands, including SandenVendo and Flexerve. Our staff takes pride in improving hot food at your countertop and keeping your hungry customers returning for more delicious delicacies.

What Are the Advantages of Our Countertop Food Warmer Displays?

Your customers deserve the highest-quality food to satisfy their hunger. Serving them grub that’s unevenly heated or even too hot can cause them to reconsider visiting your store. Using a countertop food warmer display from UFFB eliminates these concerns by providing the following features:

  • Consistent heating: The products we offer provide bottom and top-down heat using a combined infrared and Xenon heat lamp system. This provides a consistent temperature throughout the display.
  • Flexible temperature: Our displays aren’t restricted to temperature adjustment, meaning each shelf can be adjusted separately. This allows you to store a wide variety of items.
  • Attractive lighting: Your customers have to see the items before buying them. Our displays use Xenon light bulbs to deliver a well-lit display for maximum appeal.

Hot Food Counter Display Services That Keep Your Product Fresh

Hungry people enter your store at all hours of the day, meaning you need to keep a steady supply of hot food available at all times to keep them happy. Malfunctioning equipment creates a cold product and can cause a customer to look elsewhere for their snack or meal. UFFB understands the importance of maintaining displays in peak operating condition and offers the following comprehensive services:

  • Installation

    Our commercial food warmer display installation services seamlessly set up your equipment and verify it’s ready to deliver the necessary temperature for tasty and safe products.

  • Reactive Repairs

    UFFB offers reactive repair services that minimize downtime and keep your full-service hot food counter displays operating.

  • Preventative Maintenance

    UFFB’s customizable preventative maintenance plans are designed to prevent equipment breakdown by pinpointing and repairing minor issues.

More Than Just a Provider of Food Warmer Displays

Your customer’s culinary preferences are as unique as they are. Maintaining an inventory of diverse options motivates them to return to your store. UFFB offers a wide selection of food equipment options designed to deliver fresh products. From refrigerated showcases that keep items cold to rollers that provide the freshest hot dogs, partnering with UFFB keeps your patrons satisfied and loyal.

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