Curtis Coffee Makers

United Fast Food & Beverage is a proud supplier of Curtis brewers, cappuccino and espresso machines, and parts.

Curtis Coffee Makers: The Gemini Series

Exceptional Features, Exceptional Cooking

Experience coffee perfection with the Curtis GEMTS10A1000 G3 Gemini brewer, ideal for restaurants, hotels, and convenience stores. Its intuitive controls craft rich, gourmet coffee with precision, offering pre-programmed recipes for various roasts. Versatile batch cycles adapt to demand, reducing waste during slow hours.

This brewer includes 2 1.5-gallon servers with brew-through lids, ensuring heat retention and easy monitoring. Its self-diagnostic system guarantees uninterrupted service. United Fast Food & Beverage, the premier provider of Curtis coffee makers, offers a wide range of series and sizes to suit your needs. Elevate your coffee service with Curtis—where quality meets convenience.

UFFB Is Your Source for Curtis Coffee Maker Parts

When your commercial Curtis equipment has an issue requiring a replacement part, turn to UFFB. We keep a complete inventory of all parts and accessories needed to quickly address your Curtis coffee makers’ broken or malfunctioning aspects. With our team of repair and maintenance experts, you can keep your brewing systems up and running and your customers happy and caffeinated.


  • Left to Right: 18 1/8″
  • Front to Back: 22 1/8″
  • Height: 29 5/8″

Curtis’s Primo Cappuccino Dispenser

Curtis’s Primo Cappuccino Dispenser

Elevate your coffee business with the Curtis PCGT3 Primo Cappuccino Dispenser, designed for eye-catching displays and faster service. It’s dual 10 lb. and one 5 lb. hoppers ensure an ample supply of top-selling flavors, reducing refill times and maximizing sales. Experience consistent, high-quality cappuccinos with powerful whipping motors, direct drive mixing augers, and an efficient fixed-flow water system.

The cappuccino maker’s innovative design makes cleanup a breeze, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency. As the Midwest’s premier provider of Curtis equipment, UFFB is your trusted partner, ensuring you get the best in the business. Boost your sales and delight your customers one cup at a time with commercial Curtis equipment.


  • Width: 26 3/8″
  • Depth: 14 1/2″
  • Height: 34 1/2″

Specialty Curtis Coffee Makers: Cold Brew and Nitro-Infused

Transform customer experiences with Curtis’s cutting-edge cold brew and nitro-infused coffee makers. Crafted for excellence, these machines deliver smooth, flavorful specialty beverages that captivate your customers’ taste buds. Cold brew’s popularity soars due to its rich taste and lower acidity, while nitro-infused coffee offers a velvety texture and a unique, cascading pour.

Curtis equipment ensures precision, consistency, and efficiency, giving your business an edge. With these offerings, you meet customer demands and enhance your menu, attracting more patrons and increasing profits. Choose from UFFB’s selection of Curtis coffee makers for unmatched quality and elevate your coffee service to new heights.

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